What Is This Site?

IndieFeed is a place for you to discover great new music. These days there is more music out there than there is time to listen. Finding extraordinary music can be a real pain. We filter out the junk.  We give you a whole song,  then we tell you about the artist, and where to find more.  All in easy single-song audio mp3s. You can get them many ways:
  • As single downloads;
  • As tweets, on Twitter;
  • As updates on Facebook;
  • Subscribe to the podcasts, or
  • Just listen immediately on your smartphone.
Robots should not manage your music discovery.  We are humans, just like you, we use our ears to locate great music, and then we share what we found. FAQ's Q: How do I listen to IndieFeed featured artists? A: There are a couple ways to discover music:
  1. Browse and listen to tracks and download them using this website;
  2. Automatically receive downloads through RSS syndication.  Subscribe to IndieFeed shows as podcasts in iTunes and Zune or other media aggregators. The easiest way is to put "Indiefeed" In the iTunes Store search bar (it's free!).
Here are the feed addresses for RSS subscription: Alternative Modern Rock: Indie-Pop: Hip Hop: Electronica: Dance: Blues: Q: What does IndieFeed cost me? A: Nothing.  It's free. After you listen, you might end up buying your next favorite album, but isn't that the whole point?  :) Q:What's a podcast? A: Wikipedia has a very good definition.  They are free radio and video shows that are delivered on a schedule to your computer, iPod or other portable media player, or smartphone.  It's an easy way to get new exciting shows all the time without a lot of work on your end.  Just choose among lots of new shows (and some of your favorite old ones) and they come to you automatically.  You listen to them when you want, where you want, at the gym, at your computer, on the subway, in the car, or on a lunch break.  You control your media experience. Q: I Love this.  How can I help? Tell your friends about IndieFeed! Also if you use iTunes, consider clicking on the "Write A Review" link and giving us a 5 Star Rating. Writereview Now that you know about us, Tell us about youTake our Listener Survey